10 November 2007

I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop. I don't usually blog from here, and it's soon going to get very uncomfortable sitting cross-legged.

Yeah for Saturdays! It was a good and busy day, but the workday of the week you can't wait to be over. It's my Friday. I went to Border's when I got off. The cafe was packed and I was lucky to find a table to sit at. People shared it with me, which I wasn't crazy about, but totally understood. I read a magazine about consumer electronics, specifically HDTVs. I learned a lot about what you should look for and what all the specs mean. I kind of got it, and was glad. I'm not in the market for a new TV right now, but probably will get one before everything goes digital in 2009. Then I read about the receivers, DVD players, and cables, and sound systems, and it seems like you need this stuff to go along with the TVs, and then I was confused all over again.

I went to Arundel Mills tonight and walked around Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World while I was there. If you've never been in one of these stores, you'd be amazed to see what's inside. It's a humongous place, an 'outdoorman's paradise', and people travel from all around to visit it. Here's a peek inside:

The camouflage chair was actually quite comfy. If I was dressed like some of the shoppers, I would have blended right in.


Andrew said...

Lovin' the pics! I feel as if I were there with you. Glad you had a good day. I love laying in the bed with my laptop browsing blogs and commenting. That's what I'm doing now since I slept for about 4 hours and am up again. Maggie is next to me snoring softly. Its a comfy night!

Soul Survivor would love that place. She would be in hog heaven! Good night Cheryl and I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

I hope it doesn't bother you me commenting so much. I just enjoy your blog and your outlook on life. You are an inspiration to me and I always know I will get to read something positive when I stop by. That means a lot to me in the life of a guy that can be filled with somewhat negative things. Take care and I will talk to you again soon. Sleep tight!

Cheryl said...

Andrew...I love seeing a comment from you. Thank you so much for all the kind things you say. It means the world to me.

Jamie said...

Great photos, and I am happy that SOMEONE understands the whole TV thing, its totally out of my range, maybe you can help me...I hate all this technical blobbity blobbity blob...

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

I now know how my mother felt when technology changed. I look at the new TV/theater/sound equipment and just pull myself back like a turtle. Everyone is upgrading and I intend to wait, watch, and listen. When one of the children gets a system that seems to be what I'd like I'll just say, "I'll take one of those. When can you deliver and set it up?"

I love the pictures. Bassmaster stores are so much fun - lots of stuff to ponder. We also have a Gander Mountain here. It's smaller but it has a section of ladies outdoor clothing that's the best. Not camo just really unique jackets, jeans, etc.

Have a fun Sundy. I'll have a full house today. I think, along with the usual salad, I'll make a herbed roast beef, baked potato, and glazed carrots - maybe gravy, maybe not.

Summer said...

I just want a button to turn it on and off. Period.

I'm headed over to Mary's now to tell her to make the gravy.

Have a great day today.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

those are just such amazing pictures. Do you get nervous taking pictures in the store? I felt so "silly" the other day capturing pics in the library...I need to get over that!!

I love the fish picture!! Soul would love this post! (Today, mostlikely-yea!!)

Oh, and another btw, well, actually two btw's:

1) if you need help with HD stuff, Bigdogg is very big into that..his silly soundsystem (although he would collapse if he heard me say that) is proof of it..and the HD tv that he had to have for years since I've known him...so any questions, send them our way..

2) I'm elementary too-over on Rick's Blog..I couldn't believe it!!
Noodles and yarn! (maybe that explains why)
Crusty~ :)

Billy said...

Good morning! You have been tagged!

Jay said...

I very much would love to have a big LCD HDTV. I have TV envy anytime I go over to somebody's house who has one. LOL

The original Bass Pro is about an hour north of me in Springfield MO. It's a pretty awesome place.

josie2shoes said...

I have been in stores like this, they are great fun! Loved the final photo - of you. So glad you didn't match the chair! LOL

dawn said...

you are the second person that has tawked about bass pro shop this week. oh em gee, you are such a beauty. your hair is freakin gawjus, too.

is that a white rat on that xmas tree? it looks so freakin real.

dawn said...

(oh, do you mind if i link to you? if you do, no prob.)

SpringMist said...

Ah I never been to these kind of stores.
I actually thought tht was a real bear for a second. I thought u went to the circus! I am feeling like an idiot right now!
Christmas decorations already? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog now for awhile, I really enjoy it. I have a hair question for you, if you want to answer great- if not no biggie!

I've been going to the same place for over 16 months to get color/highlights and a cut. The trend here is to have just "color people" and just "cut people". So you can't see the same person to cut & color, which is kind of a pain because I always seem to be waiting for one or the other. However I do like what the colorist does and I guess I'm willing to put up with that to see her.

Here we go to the question...

The cutter did the most amazing job the first 2 time I saw her. Then I think there were a few times it was a small trim after that, so not impressive but not dangerous. The last 4 time I have gone in for a cut I have left so unhappy and one time crying because I ended up with a mullet, really I'm not kidding. She said "Oh, run your fingers through your hair on top and it will be nice", no my hair doesn't stay on the top of my head it falls to the side and is 2 inches shorter than the rest! Now since the first time I saw her I have never asked for a different style, she chose to give me the mullet because I mentioned that my hair sometimes hangs in my face and I wanted a bit of lift at the roots (so I don't look like Marsha Brady- if you can get a mental picture of that). Right now my hair has no style to it no matter how much time I spend on it- it really is in bad shape. I guess I'm a little hacked off that I sped $65 + tip to get crap. After the mullet incident I swore I would not go back to her, but 30+ years of nightmare visits have made me fearful of trying new stylist. Also here in LA is is common to spend $60-$125 just to get a cut- that doesn't include the color which starts at $130. I'm not wealthy, but I do want to look good. I have been shelling out $245 + tip for the colorist and cutter for a long time and if I was happy I would keep doing it, but my cut is terrible.

Okay, so back to the question...

Is there some way I can communicate to the cutter how unhappy I am and see if things go back to how they were in the beginning (sounds like I'm talking about a marriage), or should I seek out someone new? I can still see the colorist, I just won't make eye contact with the cutter. If I do find someone new, how do I communicate so that my needs get met? Trust me I know it is my lack of communication that has created so many disappointments after leaving a salon the past 30 years.

So what is the best way to communicate what you want? I've taken in pictures, but never has that worked, and I get it- the pictures are of people who spend 4 hours getting read to have their picture taken. I've seen someones hair I like, gone to their exact styles and said I want what they have, nope, didn't work.

Any words of wisdom? I would go to you in a heartbeat, but I think you are a little too far away for maintenance!

fiwa said...

We have an HDTV, but it's my mom I'm worried about. She has a little 19 inch tv and no cable, and I'm afraid when she has to switch over to something else that she won't be able to figure out the remote, and she'll just stop using it. :(

We have a place like that shop called Sportsman's Paradise. It's fun to go in and look around at all the STUFF.

Cheryl said...

Crusty...I turned my flash off in the store so as to be an incognito photographer!

Dawn...It looked like a rat, but I don't think it was. Ugly as a rat, though.

Kimberly...I've never worked in a salon that had separate colorists and stylists, but I know they're out there. You have a few choices as far as your stylist goes.
1. Tell her you were really happy with her first few haircuts, but that the last few haven't worked out at all. Be firm about it. If she wants to keep you as a client, she will pay attention to every detail. I've had clients tell me that their last haircut didn't work out well, and trust me, I paid attention.
2. If you do decide to go back to her, bring pictures. A few of them. Tell her that your hair might not do what the model's does, but it will give her an idea of what you have in mind. I like it when clients bring pictures. I have a lot of clients that can't quite communicate what they want. I tell them to just keep talking; I'm a good listener, and I usually get it. If your's isn't, the pictures will help.
3. You don't have to go back to that stylist. Not everyone is a good fit, and although it hurts our feelings when we see our client with someone else, it's part of the job and we get over it. When that happens to me, I greet that client and tell them how good their new stylist is. That's the professional thing to do. My salon would much rather a client change stylists than to lose that client to another salon.

I always try my best to do great haircuts, but we all get complacent. There are some hairstyles that I'm not as good at as others. I'm very conscientious, and I try hard, and my clients know that. As stylists, we gain clients and we lose them. It's part of the profession. If you don't like your stylist, you've got to find someone new. Talk to the owner, tell him/her what's going on, and ask if there might not be someone else who's a better fit for you.

You pay a lot of money at your salon, and you should be very happy.

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!

Happyone said...

You got some really good pictures in the store. I've been there and walked around it many times. My daughter-in-law's brother worked there for a couple of years.

jAMiE said...

Wow, very interesting pics..looks like an interesting place...i bet it's very popular.

Do you ever feel shy taking pics in a store like that. I would, but that's just me.

Moohaa said...

Interesting pics. Reminds me of a store here called Jerry's Surplus. If you didn't have boots and camoflauge on, you stick out like sore thumb. Glad you're now on your weekend. Take care!

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