11 November 2007

It's been a 'high test' kind of day. Two cups of strong coffee at Caribou this morning, and a small extra-shot-latte in the afternoon at Starbucks. It's my idea of 'partying.' You'd think I'd get a lot done with all that caffeine. Nope. Instead, I'm just scattered, and frustrated. I'm still trying to figure out the cards. Last year I gave up.

I have a few obsessions. One of them is with Starbucks Christmas ornaments. I think I've found all the new ones for this year, and I'm only buying about one of each. I went a little overboard last year. The 'Starbucks tree' I made last year is pretty full. I need to finish glittering the coffee-stirrer star that Sarah made for me. Don't tell Emily, but I'm thinking of getting a bigger tree.

I'm gluing myself to this chair for the next few hours. I'll have an ear out for the chime that tells me someone dropped by to say hello. That always puts a smile on my face!


Andrew said...

I am no stranger to obsessions! I love the Starbucks tree. You are so crafty in a craft kind of way. I'm glued to my chair, too! Don't you just love that sound when a comment comes in. I've got comments from blogs all over earmarked by checking that follow box and it is fun keeping up with all the conversation. Okay, I need a life! lol

Ilene said...

did you buy those ornaments or make them?

jAMiE said...

Nice that you get a chime, i think that would be fun...it always makes me happy when i get an email with a comment.

Cute tree!

Jay said...

The Starbucks tree is pretty cool. I know a few coffee addicts that would love that.

bonnie said...

Cuuuuuute tree. I like the cup with the globe thingy on top. Oh Cheryl I am soooo tired. I'm getting pretty sick of glass too. :)

marykay said...

What a cool idea! I just got an idea to make tim a bass tree thanks for the inspiration. you just never quit.

Moohaa said...

Being near Seattle, I love Starbucks! They are everywhere now. I love your tree, too fun. Are you still glued to your chair? I am now... time to get some writing done.

Love the pictures! Can't wait to see more!

Summer said...

I have a (white) tree that is covered with beach ornaments and it stays up all year long.

Show us the cards!

Jamie said...

What a great little tree! Damn, I am SO not talented, or something, I have no spirit, or what IS it that I need to get my Christmas decorating started or updated...well, other than legs that is, because even when I can walk, every year, it is SUCH an issue. I think that tree is really awesome!

And I think Summers beach tree sounds wonderful, too.

Have a great day off today!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

That is really cool!!! I like that!
I buy a new ornament for my boys every year, put their name on it and store it, so someday when they're grown, they'll have a box of decorations to give to their wife to help make Christmas look festive!!

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