13 November 2007

Just a quick post. It's my Monday, and I'm getting ready for work. I slept 9 hours last night. Yes! Now if I could only stop yawning...

It's another rainy day, but that's OK. I'm leaving a little early and stopping by HomeGoods. I love browsing that store.

Emily is supposed to get her braces off today. Every time she's excitedly exclaimed that she's getting them off, I've said, supposed to get them off. Yeah, I'm the party pooper. It's just that the orthodontist has gotten her hopes up the last few times, then told her she needed longer. I really hope today is the day.

Have a good Tuesday, ya'll.


Mary said...

You had an exciting day yesterday and I'm sure you were really tired after all the shopping - 3 hours - plus everything else. Wow!! Wish north Alabama would get some rain. Good luck to Emily. Maybe this will be her BIG day.

Andrew said...

Regale us in a pic of shiny, pearly teeth if she did get them off. So glad you got some good rest. I slept well last night as well. Have a great day!

Barb said...

OMG< I love HomeGoods!!!!!!!!

What state is it in?

I am in PA, and there is no store close to me!


SOUL said...

awwww maan. why'd ya have to say that????? last time i took my girl to get her braces off....they extended her a FULL YEAR. sposed to come off in january. guess it's wait n see now huh?
party pooper.
how's things?

Andrew said...

Oh, I liked how you wrote "ya'll" to end this post. We are going to make a Southern Belle out of you yet!

Jim Baker said...

tell Emily to lick her teeth as soon as she gets her braces off, its the CRAZIEST feeling EVER!!!

haha... i tagged you in a recent post if you wanna play.

jim baker

bonnie said...

Welcome back to everyone else's work week (not mine either). Lucky you for getting a whole lot of sleep. I yawned until noon today.

Happyone said...

I hope Emily gets her braces off today.
I know how she feels. Mine were only supposed to be on for 2 years and I ended up having them for 4 years.
That was many years ago though. :-)

Moohaa said...

So? Did she get them off? I am so glad you got lots of good sleep. I went to Starbucks today and saw their little silvery trees and ornaments for sale and I thought of you. Can't wait to see more crafty creations from you!

fiwa said...

I hope Emily got her braces off! Corn on the cob - that was the first thing I ate afterwards.

That's some neat info about Ikea. I always liked shopping there, but that makes me like it more. Their kitchen section is dangerous isn't it?!

Mo said...

I hope you had a great Monday ;)

One of my best friends is a hairstylist and has Sunday-Monday off. Another one of my best friends is a massage therapist. Same schedule.

I totally get the their Monday is my Tuesday and their Saturday is my Sunday.

Blur Ting said...

I popped by from Soul's blog. Love what I see here.... esp the pictures!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Yea!!! How'd it go with the braces? I remember that feeling..how smooth my teeth felt afterwards!! Very very good day for you!
Naturally I'm up...woke around 2isham today..decorated Jacks door, and room, and kitchen and hallway so he'll have lots to look forward to. Than I posted and am trying very hard not to eat or drink anything. I only have to deal with this until 7:30 am and then I will be deserving of a big large Poor Boy sandwich!

Have a great wednesday!
One more day until Greys!
*I thought of you when I was preparing our traditional bday routine..with what you and Em do* :)

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