23 November 2007

What a day. It feels like the earlier part happened in a dream. The ride up to the craft fair was very nice. For the first time ever, the only thing I purchased was kettle corn. There was nothing I wanted to buy. I was hoping for a feather tree, or tinsel tree, or something with glitter. Perhaps a miniature felted tree skirt for one of my tiny trees. Nothing. So, I saved some money. It wasn't like I didn't buy a pre-lit silver tinsel tree today at Kohl's. We stopped by Border's on the way home. I got a regular coffee and sat with a magazine. After a few sips, I made the smart decision not to drink it. I knew it would only keep me up, and I don't want anything to interfere with my good nights' sleep. We got a lot of decorating done today. Emily and her boyfriend brought the tree up from the basement and they completely set it up. It looks beautiful. Oh, if only I could leave it undecorated. It's my least favorite job although it looks wonderful when it's done. I'll post a picture of my family room soon. Emily thinks it's too much. I'll let you decide.

My mixer is sitting on my counter. It looks so sturdy. I put today's date on the underside with a red Sharpie marker. One day we'll look back and remark on how long we've had it and how much we've used it. I'll always remember the story of it's purchase. What do you think the mixer's first task should be?

I'm ready for some reading in bed. I hope I sleep all night long...


Moohaa said...

I'm glad you had a good day... get lots of rest!!

marykay said...

I am glad u got one I got mine too was crazy but worth it. Bananna Bread would be a good first batch to make. Have a nice weekend.

Mo said...

I hope you get a good night of rest.

Can't wait to see your decorations.

My vote for the first thing to make is either mashed taters or pumpkin bread.

Mary said...

My navy blue KitchenAid mixer has been working for me since August, 1978. You'll have that baby for a lifetime. I vote for yeast bread. The dough paddle does a wonderful job of kneading the dough. Much less work for you. While the mixer does the work you can do other tasks.

I can hardly wait to see your Christmas decorations. Can you have too many Christmas decorations and too much glitz? I think not.

Summer said...

Sweet rolls.
Pound cake.
Oatmeal crispies.

My address is...


dawn said...

personally, i think you should make your first batch of real whipped cream. just add a teaspoon of vanilla and sugar to taste into a pint of heavy whipping cream.

you will love your mixer. if i ever was forced to get married again, it would be to my mixer.

Happyone said...

Chocolate Cake and you could put some of that whipped cream on it dawn suggest you make!!

fiwa said...

I vote for making bread with it. It comes with a recipe book - and there's a bread recipe. Do it!!!
You are going to love that mixer. It is the best money you will ever spend in your kitchen.

By the way - I made your pineapple bake for breakfast yesterday instead of cinnamon rolls! It was sooo good, and I almost O.D. on it.

I'll come back to read about your Thanksgiving, I just read through your day after shopping and it makes me want to go crawl back under the covers! Where do you get all that energy?!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mo said...

I forgot to share this with you on my other comment.

My mom had the coveted mixer. She used it all the time.

One of my brothers laid claim to it years in advance. We all knew he would be the one to take it home once she passed away but we heard it year after year.

It is an amazing piece of equipment and my hope is you and your daughter have as much fun and make as many memories with the mixer as my family did with my mom.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm soo glad you survived the day!!! Welcome to saturday..I feel like I've been reliving saturday for three days due to the holiday...like Ground hog day!! ANd I didn't do the black friday shopping, either!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

P.S. Did you get a good nights sleep? I hope so!

SOUL said...

boyfriends and trees and mixers , oH MY!

anyhow--yes i did spend too much time on the road---but i am HOME now.

did you sleep all night? did you mix anything yet? what was it? home - made bread has MY vote! i can smell it from here. wow. nuthin like it. too bad i can't make it. come over---and bring the mixer!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to just use it to bake with...scramble your eggs, smash your taters!

Just be careful not to turn it on high right away with something liquidy in the bowl. But if you happen to, make sure your camera is charged! (Not that I would know anything about that!)

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