08 November 2007

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Much to my disappointment, I didn't get my massage today. My masseuse incorrectly booked my appointment, and scheduled it during the time my class was taking place. She was left with an hour gap in her schedule, and I think she was more disappointed than me. She knew how excited I had been. I felt worse for her than I did for myself!

I went to my favorite stamping store and bought a new stamp and some embossing powder. I went to Sam's Club, and the grocery store. I've been doing paperwork, and am finally ready to work on my cards. The day is kind of late, though, and I have most of my energy earlier in the day. I'm not anticipating getting a lot done, but that's OK.

The class today was one of the best of the year. I asked the instructor if he ever let anyone shadow him in his salon and he said yes. I hope to do that on a Saturday. I'm excited!

I hoped to take pictures today. I went to Savage Mills, and the whole town is so picturesque. For the very first time, I ran out of battery. I wish there'd been some kind of warning or meter so I'd have a reminder to recharge it. Andrew asked what kind of camera I have. It's a Canon PowerShot SD750. A good little point and shoot.

Gray's Anatomy is on tonight. I hope the writer's strike doesn't last too long. There's certain shows that I love to watch; reruns are for the summer.



Andrew said...

Ah, that's a very nice camera. You can't beat a Canon. Sorry about your massage. I know that was dissapointing. Get Emily to give you a backrub! Take care Cheryl and thanks for feeding my habit -- my addiction that is your blog. Not a stalker mind you. I just like the routine of your days. It is comforting to me.

Ilene said...

Sorry about the massage. I was thinking about you enjoying it. Make another appt right away!

Martha said...

Ooooh. Stamps and embossing powder. I'm jealous already. I've got all sorts of scrapbooking and card-making goodies, but I never seem to find the time to enjoy it. That's got to change!

Portia said...

Sounds like a productive day, and pretty good aside from the missed massage and dead battery. I hope you get to make up the massage soon. Have fun with your cards!

Moohaa said...

Bummer about the backrub!! Too bad. Maybe another time. I'm glad you enjoyed the class though. Did it make it more worth going in on your day off?

My camera has a little battery pic that shrinks as it dies... very helpful.

Enjoy your evening!

Andrew said...

I just googled your camera and was looking at reviews. It got great reviews and it is tiny compared to mine. Mine is kind of bulky and takes four AA batteries. I love my camera though and hope it adds a new dimension to my blog like it has yours. Night, Cheryl.

Jamie said...

I am so jealous of all of your talents. I have always wanted to be like you...but i have zero ability, and even if i did, I have even less patience. So, that idea is moot. Have a great weekend!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Okay, so the massage didn't happen, but, Greys was knew, and oh my was it a good one, wasn't it? Good gracies it had my goose bumps crawling up on my arms for the entire hour!!!
Good for Miranda!!

bonnie said...

Wow, so many Grays fans. I'm a resister. I still like ER. Jess and I text each other through the hour when we watch it "together." Hey, I have watercolor crayons. I love them. I need the brush though. That's cool you were so inspired by your class. Surprise!

Happyone said...

That picturesque town that you speak of is where I live. It is a great little town and I love living there.

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