29 November 2007

I've gotten a lot of decorating done this morning but not enough. I hate that I have to leave for the dentist when I'm having so much fun. Abbagirl...I thought of you as I listened to John Mayer while putting up garland. I wish I had him seranading me in my living room right now. A girl can dream, right? I'll leave you with a few pics.

Why I like to decorate.

Why it's good to be organized

Why I need to rake.

Why I don't like my pear tree.


Jay said...

I'm still thinking about putting up my Christmas decorations. Maybe this weekend. I'll put on my Rat Pack Christmas CD. That usually gets me into the spirit!

TAG said...

I totally agree with you on the Bradford Pear being a really bad yard tree. Yet, people put them in. Oh well up to them. But you'll never see me planting one of those things.

As for your decorations. They look lovely. Nice work.


Moohaa said...

Beautiful decorations! I love the leaves in your yard, but yeah, the pears would irritate me. I grew up with a pear tree and the late fall was always misery cleaning up the yucky pear remains.

Hope all goes well at the dentist!

Mary said...

Before this summer I thought I wouldn't have a Bradford Pear but they seem to have done well during our extreme drought. At least they didn't die. As a young girl I thought it was Mother Nature's way of covering the plants so they wouldn't be too cold during winter. They are a mess, though, and need to be removed.

Andrew said...

I am getting so excited about Christmas. Thanks for these photos, Cheryl, to help put me in the spirit. I can't want to get me a tree and then decorate it! Hope you've had a good day. Been thinking of you today and wondered what kind of domestic adventure you got embroiled in. Take care dear friend.

bonnie said...

In New England we drove around every year to look at the most incredible decorating people did to their homes. It was so fun driving in the snow and seeing elegant blue spotlights on birches, perfect red bows in every window. Now I like my own creative NON-traditional decorating and I like to think of wack things to do to surprise my husband. It's the bad girl in me. Last year I decorated the ladder which was on our dining room table while we were installing pendant lights. This year...who knows?

C.A. said...

Wow, I do so love your garland!

Pear trees are the MESSIEST! The leaves will still be there to be raked in the Spring! :)

Hope youre having a wonderful day!

SOUL said...

now THAT is ALOT of leaves...good job gettin EM to work with you on that job.
looks real nice now.
bet you are proud.

Billy said...

Looks great! John Mayer is a hottie with a great voice. Glad you enjoy his music!

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