23 November 2008

Sunday, Sunday

My Sunday was great, but short. I watched a little TV in the morning then made myself get moving so it wouldn't turn into a lazy day. I made a to-do list. I turned off the outside water and brought the hoses inside. Found the cord for the bird bath and plugged it in. Hung up a picture. Watered plants. Then I raked and raked. Darn that pear tree. I have to use a plastic snow shovel to scrape the berries off the sidewalk leading up to my porch. I filled 10 bags with leaves and berries from that one tree, and there's still some leaves hanging on. I only wish there were a way to keep my neighbor's leaves out of my yard, but that won't happen. One of them never rakes. The other kind of does, but for some reason her tree hasn't lost it's leaves yet, and they usually head my way. Oh well. I raked while listening to my iPhone/iPod. It was chilly, but great, and I spent a few hours at it. Then Emily went with me to Sam's Club. I needed some staples (I was totally out of laundry detergent. How does that happen?), plus I knew it was their special holiday food sample weekend. Yes, I went to eat. The place was packed and the lines all very long, so Emily and I only ate. And I got gas. It was $1.67/gallon. Woo Hoo! We went to Sports Authority so we could look at the North Face jacket she wants. She has expensive taste! We got home, and I left to walk. Happyone, I thought of you. I had layers on, and fleece mittens. It really was wonderful to be outside, to look at the sky, the bare trees, the gumball pods on the sidewalk, the geese flying in formation, etc. And it was nice to listen to Keane on my iPod. I'm going to try to be brave and walk outside in the morning when it's really cold. When I got back I had Emily show me the stretches they do for field hockey, then we watched Fringe and an episode of Oprah on the DVR. We ate dinner on the couch while we watched TV. I'll take any togetherness I can get :))

I have to work tomorrow, whine whine. A one day weekend :(( I shouldn't complain. I'm going to be off Thursday through Monday. Still...I'm going to complain. OK, I'm done.

And I'm off to bed. Hope you all had good weekends.


Anonymous said...

1.67 for gas? Wow! I don't know which is more amazing to me, how high it was going or how low it is now going!

Summer said...

I have to rake my mother's yard and it's going to be a nightmare. Mine isn't so bad. But, being outside certainly changes your outlook.

Gin said...

Sounds like you had a very productive Sunday!

Great gas prices, eh? Isn't it nice not to have to pay $40 or more to fill your tank!!

Have a great week.

KathyA said...

I'm out of breath! I figured you guys would be working today. I'm going to pick up my mom tomorrow, so I'll go over to Costco ($1.61 on Saturday) for gas today after the gym. Of course I'll have to stop into Trader Joe's for oatmeal cookies...:)

happyone said...

You certainly had a busy day yesterday. This morning I took out that nice warm flannel jacket with the hood for my final layer and I was nice and warm. Layers are the answer for staying warm!!
I still have raking to do - maybe later!

Brad said...

What's a gumball pod? Sounds a bit like Willy Wonka.

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