24 January 2011

Cinnamon Shrimp, but not tonight (dear)

 Earlier today...
 It's almost 2 PM and I'm still in pajamas. It's amazing the way a day can fly. I've gone through the bills and written checks, filed papers, cut our coupons, made lists, etc. I've written out cards to be mailed. I finally entered all the birthdays in my 2011 wall calendar and into my phone calendar. I set up online billing for my mortgage. Cleared off the dining room table and the top of the microwave. Things pile up there. I still have the big counter to clear. I've done laundry. I've made numerous phone calls looking for possible live-in care for my parents. I'm trying to learn about medicare. I found one place that I'm really excited about, and the person I spoke to is meeting me at the rehab center on Thursday. I've got a notebook started and I'm waiting for a lot of call-backs. All this stuff takes time! How do people do it when they don't have a day off during the week?

My plan was to finally shower and visit my parents. Then I talked to my brother, who's been with them for a while, and he said to stay home. They're comfortable. Their helper Amanda is coming. My sister may be visiting after work. I might just turn on the TV. Really?

Later on...
 I decided to go grocery shopping instead of sitting on the couch. Perfect segway to my next subject! I went  shopping looking like I just rolled out of bed. Thankfully the grocery store I frequent is in my neighborhood and it's a rare day that I run into anyone I know. And a rare day I'm without make-up or that I have untamed hair. I didn't care. I ran into my neighbor, which was unusual, but fine. And another at the mailbox. Didn't matter.

The segway subject. Lately, my reading at Borders has been iPhone app magazines. I'm very intellectual, you know. I'm glad I get to read without buying. I check out the highest rated apps, and if I'm interested, I download them. Then I usually forget them. The fun is in the 'getting.' ShopShop is one of my new apps. It's for...shopping lists. You can have multiple lists. When you're shopping and you put items in your cart, you touch the screen and the item is crossed off the list. Here's my screen:

Here's a practice list. The real one had the store name and the real food.

I used the app while shopping. Paper would have been easier, but this was more fun.

Atomic Web, next to ShopShop,  is supposed to be better than Safari. YellowPages is good. HeyTell is a push-to-talk app. Sometimes when I need to kill time, I check out my apps to see what they do. I have 5 screens of apps. I use a few. I'm mad at Angry Birds...I used to play that one a lot. I'm stuck.

I came home and watched 4 recorded shows. I cooked dinner. Frozen meatballs, a medley of pasta (a good way to use up boxes with very little pasta in them), and jarred sauce. It was delicious! Almost anything is delicious when you're hungry. Even cinnamon shrimp. I was going to write about that, but I'll save it for tomorrow. For now, I'm heading into bed with my new Wired magazine.

What a day! A nice no-drama day. As much as I love my days off, I like the schedule and routine of my work days. Often work is calmer than home. If only I could have coffee.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Sounds like a busy day for Cheryl, but a productive and positive one! John has an iphone and mine will come shortly. He loves playing with his too!

Jamie said...

Oh C, your poor Mom...that pic in your last post is unreal. Although my Mom was on plavix too, so I know how bad that stuff makes bruising. Ugh. I am once again amazed at your abilities to do it all with such grace and good attitude. Keep on keepin on...

Big hugs. :)

KathyA said...

Funny how I just want a phone that works. All those apps would drive me crazy!
Cinnamon shrimp. Really?

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