26 January 2011

A weathery day and night

I'm sitting in my very comfortable recliner after a great dinner. It's so nice to relax! Rob was supposed to come over tonight, but the weather is bad. It started this morning with snow, then sleet, then snow, then lots of rain. It started snowing again around 4:00 and should continue for a while. It's already been 5 hours. It's a heavy, wet snow. It's windy and I've heard some snow thunder. Is that the word? No school tomorrow, and fortunately, it's my day off. I've seen on FB that some friends have lost electricity. I'm sorry for them (really) but hope, hope, hope it doesn't happen here (I'm pretending the lights didn't just flicker).

We had Cordelico Sirloin steak for dinner. The meat industry is fashioning new and trademarked names for old cuts of meat. Flat Iron steak is in that category. This cut was formally called 'flap meat.' Sounds pretty unappetizing. The steak was delicious with an intense meaty flavor. I pan fried it, sliced it against the grain, and drizzled it with teriyaki sauce. We had it with steamed broccoli and baked potatoes. A simple meal. I'll have some simple ice cream for dessert.

It was a short day at work because of the weather. I started at my usual time, but I worked alone for the first hour. I ended my day early, at 2:30. I stopped by Borders for a latte to go, then Office Depot for printer ink, then the grocery store. It was crowded, and the check-out line was long, but I had a lot of patience for some reason. I bought ingredients to make a pot roast in the slow cooker I got as a gift in 2009. It's still in the box. I bought ingredients to make split pea soup. I didn't need any 'whites.' I did need 2 cartons of ice cream. I told Emily as we put away the food that the ginger snap ice cream is for me only. And I mean that.

I visited my parents before work yesterday. Mom is looking much better. Her black-and-blue face is getting yellower, and the bruise is moving further down her face and into her neck. She's a sport for letting me take pictures every time I see her.

We're watching American Idol. I'm pretending the lights haven't flickered a bunch of times. I need my power!


Lena said...

Your day was similar to mine with the weather and a delicious home cooked dinner.

I don't have any ice cream though!

You mom does look so much better! Good for her!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Your Mom's face sure is starting to look a little better, and I'm grateful for that on her behalf. I hope her wrist hurts less too. Life seems mighty unfair to older folks sometimes.

I totally enjoyed this post, sounds like a nice, peaceful, routine day. I've had three good days in a row too, with minimal stress at work... that's a record!

Not liking the sound of those flickering lights, or another winter storm for you folks. I know you'll keep warm somehow, but it sure makes things difficult. Hurry up Springtime!

LOL at your own box of icecream. I do that too, some treats are "mine", and some are "his" and some we share. We would undoubtedly benefit from fewer treats, but life has to have a few simple pleasures!

How I wish you lived next door, all your good cooking makes me sooo hungry!

KathyA said...

Luckily, the only flickering going on here is the lightning.
Glad you could get home before the worst of things hit. I bet the all the grocery stores were crowded.
Your mom really doesn't seem to mind having her picture taken, does she?

Leann said...

Enjoy your ice cream and being in your nice warm house. I have never heard of snow thunder? What is that? I really wanted to watch American Idol this year, but so far my schedule has interfered with it. Maybe next year.

Your Mom's face looks much better than in the video. Glad she is healing nicely and quickly.

Blessings dear friend.

happyone said...

Your mom's face is looking quiet a bit better now.
I heard the thunder too and our lights flickered a time or two also.
I's like all the snow to melt today and have snow and ice free sidewalks to walk on!!

Mary said...

Yes, your Mom is looking much better.

Snow thunder is not the most comforting sound. It happens frequently in the mountains. Stay warm and safe.

Gin said...

Sounds like a good night to just cozy in and recline!! Your Mom's poor little face makes me want to cry!

Keep thinking "Spring"...it will be here soon!!

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