14 January 2011

Goodnight Friday

I started this sentence with the word 'howdy'. Who uses that word? I guess I do.

Not a lot to talk about today. I could have just not written, but a little something is better than a little nothing, right?  No new news about my father. He's in the hospital and was finally moved out of the ER and into a room after more than 24 hours. Work was very busy and stress-free. Exactly what I needed.today. My salad from Pei Wei was SO good. I could have had it for dinner too. When I like something, I can eat it many times without getting tired of it. I mentioned that I ate the last favorite thing from Pei Wei four times in a row. I think this salad is in my foreseeable future.

I haven't been happy with having a screen cover for my iPhone for a while. It shows every fingerprint and takes away from the beauty of the phone. Today I decided to be like a co-worker and take it off and just be very careful. It looked so much better! When I got into my car after work, I couldn't find my phone. I could hear it ringing, and was frantically looking for it. I went inside the salon and asked someone to call me and keep calling till I answered. It took a while, but finally I found it outside the car. My new case is silver and the phone blended in with the salt-covered parking lot. When I got home I found a crack running diagonally from the left side of the glass to the bottom right. My beautiful phone will never be the same :(. I'm sure it wouldn't have happened if I had the screen cover on. Oh well. I'll put a new cover on tomorrow to protect the crack. At least the glass didn't shatter. I can live with a crack.

I got gas after work. There were four places on the ground where people had spit. Gross!!! I had to maneuver around the spit to pump my gas. Why oh why? Do people save it up just for gas stations? And I don't mean to be gender-biased, but I assume all spitters are men.

I'm headed up to bed with a magazine. Tomorrow is going to be busy and I'm going to relax and get a good night's sleep. Happy weekend friends.


Anonymous said...


Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. (It's about time I stopped by eh?)

Hope the weekend goes splendidly.

KathyA said...

I don't get the pitting thing, either. It's disgusting!

Well you've had one hell of a week! I'm glad it's over for you and hope that starting tomorrow, things will be a lot better!

happyone said...

Spitting - oh yes disgusting. I see the spots while walking too!
Hope your weekend is a good and happyone.
I'll see you Tuesday afternoon. :-)

Mary said...

Howdy to me is a word that gives a warm Hello to a good friend.

Spitting in public walkways is gross. It is also the reason that I hate watching some sports. My stomach turns just thinking about it.

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