23 January 2011

A face only a mother's child could love

If your face looked like this, would you be worrying about your hair?

That's some bruise running down the side of Mom's face, huh? And that's four days after her fall. She's on Plavix, which is part of the reason the hematoma that's covering the right side of her face looks so bad. She called me tonight saying, "I have a lot of nerve." I said, what do you mean? She asked if I could bring my scissors to the rehab center tomorrow because her hair looks so bad. I'm a patient person, but it only goes so far. I said her hair is the least of her worries and that no, I'm not bringing my scissors. At least not tomorrow.

When making the case for my parents to go to this particular rehab, we had NO idea they would put them in the same room. They told me they had 2 male beds available when I first inquired. Yesterday my siblings told me there was a sign outside my father's door saying, welcome Laura. What??? My parents have separate rooms at home. I can't imagine this working, because at home they have lots of space, but I hope it does. It's a three-bed room, with the middle bed gone. Large. My father's hearing isn't too good and my mother talks softly these days. She'll say something like, what are you reading? He'll answer with something like, you want your shoes? It's not that he thinks she says that, he just pulls something out of the air to answer back. And annoy her. It's a comedy of sorts, and I think he does it on purpose. It frustrates the heck out of my mom. Like I said, I hope it works. My mom was finally ready for me to pick her up from the hospital at 2:30 today, and we went right to the rehab center. And here, for your viewing pleasure is a video!

I'm sitting by my heater eating a bowl of Mint Moose Tracks ice cream. Much better than last night's bitter chocolate. The only good thing about the chocolate is that I don't like it.


Lena said...

Wow that was some bruise on your mom's face! Poor lady.

Hope the roommates get along well.

Nice to hear your voice, don't think I ever heard it before!

Cheryl said...

My sister pointed out that my father heard me mention the bird feeders, though I was talking quietly. Selective hearing, don't you think?

Josie Two Shoes said...

Despite the difficult situation with both your parents, this post made me chuckle. I have images of the nursing staff having to break up a scuffle in the room as things progress! I think that all men have selective hearing and your Father has had years of experience honing his to the point where it exasperates your Mom! I hope they will "play nice" here for the time being so their children can get some rest!

Leann said...

It was good hearing your voice :-) Your Mom did a great job on her face. Man, can't imagine how sore that must be. I can't believe she has not looked in a mirror. That would be the first thing I would do :-) I guess I'm just sadistic that way. Good luck with the parents. It's funny how life turns things upside down isn't it?

happyone said...

Oh your poor mom, that is some bruise!!!
Hope the roommates get along well. I agree with the men having selective hearing. :-)
I'm waiting for the temp to rise a bit before heading out for a walk. At 8 it is still only 4 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post Cheryl. Your mom's face looks just horrendous~~poor thing.

And you U-tubed them! Great job. It was funny that your dad heard you loud and clear.

I sure hope they get settled in at home again soon. Peaceful Monday to you.

KathyA said...

I don't think I have ever seen a bruise like that. Can't believe she let you take her picture! By the way, you'll never be coming to the hospital to see me, okay????

You'll know if the situation is not working out, if the next time you go in the staff has put them into separate rooms!

Cindy said...

OH MY GOODNESS, poor dear! She could have been hurt so bad! I'm glad she's ok!

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