22 January 2011

Saturday has a second

I was able to keep my own little table at Borders. The one next to me opened up, with only one chair, and I asked the woman if I could put my other chair there. She said yes, looking a little puzzled. Her husband showed up so they both had chairs, and no one else asked to sit with me. All in all, it wasn't the best Border's day. I know it's a bookstore with a cafe. I wish it had a much bigger cafe. I read iPhone app magazines, as usual. I bought a few of the best rated apps. Do I use them all? Hardly. But I have the best! I'm remembering how many years it took me to make the decision to buy my phone. This is my second one, and the best 'toy' I've ever had. It's my computer, e-reader, social-media portal, game player, phone, camera, message-er, etc. I'm so thankful that Apple replaced my cracked phone last week so it's shiny and perfect.

My father is settling into the rehab/convalescent center. My sister and brother visited today and said the room is very large and nice. Much to our surprise, there's a welcome sign outside the door for my mother. We had no idea they'd be rooming together. They better not fight! My mom started complaining of a lot of pain in her left hand yesterday, I think. She had an x-ray today and I found out tonight when I visited that her wrist is broken/fractured. I guess the good news is that it's the hand she can't use due to her stroke. A doctor will see her tomorrow and decide what to do. I don't know if it will change her discharge, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Work was great today. I stayed on schedule plus finished on time for a change. I really do have the best job! I have clients whose company I truly enjoy, and I know I make them happy. It's a very gratifying occupation, and I consider myself very fortunate. I received two belated Christmas gifts today. A check and a Borders gift card from one client and a big bag of Starbucks coffee beans from another. My clients know me well. I am pretty chatty at work. They both apologized for being late. I love late gifts! I have very generous clients and I get so many gifts before Christmas.

I'm sitting here eating a bit of Lindt 85% extra dark Cocoa . This stuff is heavy-duty. Like drinking the darkest, strongest coffee you could imagine. I'm not loving it. I was looking for something sweet and there's nothing remotely sweet about this.

It's 10 degrees in my world. I know it's a lot worse elsewhere, and I'm glad I'm not there. I want my summer. My pool. The beach. My hummingbirds. Why do we need winter?


Leann said...

Glad you were undisturbed. I wish I could find someone to cut my hair that is just like you! I got the WORST haircut last week. Enjoy your Sunday my dear.

Lena said...

I love to hear about how much you love your job. I don't know many people who enjoy what they are doing so much. It must be so uplifting to make people feel happy and look better.

Glad you got to enjoy your Borders time.

happyone said...

I am one of those clients you make happy. :-)
We have winter so we will appreciate spring and summer!!

"Professor" M. said...

It is a joy to read how you love life each and every day! Isn't it wonderful to do a job that you have a passion for? May your future days be filled with sweeter Cocoa!

KathyA said...

I really love the milk chocolate. I know it's not as good for you as the dark chocolate, but still prefer it.

Your poor mom...Wonder why her wrist took so long to diagnose?

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