13 January 2011

I need to find a better word than Wah

So I'll at least start this thing with something non-medical. I was driving on I-95 today and I saw someone cleaning a green highway sign with a broom. In all my years, I've never seen such a sight. I just assumed the signs were rinsed by rain and that's how they got cleaned. Which brings something else to mind. My friend Kit lived in San Diego for years. She said people would hose their houses off because they got dusty or dirty and it hardly ever rains there to remove the schmutz. (Jewish word). Such a foreign concept to me. 

My daughter, who was spending last night at a friend's, meekly called to ask if I could meet her father at the service center with her car at 8 AM because she forgot about it. So, that's how I started my day. Her dad brought me back home. My plan for the day was to go to the hospital and visit. 

I asked my sister Ilene what I should say about what unfolded today. She said I should just say a big WAH. Let's just say, I go to hospital, Dad gets out of hospital, I drive to Rob's, I find out Dad couldn't get out of car and slips to ground and needs to have Life Alert people get him up and to bed and Dad is now back in the hospital. And I'm home from Rob's, where I spent all of my time on the phone with hospitals, Kaiser, siblings and triage nurses. I spent my hour drive home on the phone with siblings. And that's it for hospital talk.

I'm sitting here with my toasty portable heater. My Boogie Board is covered with scribbles. I'm ready for rest. Day 13 of the new year is almost over, and I say thank goodness for tomorrows. New day,  new possibilities.


KathyA said...

I just hope tomorrow brings some good news and some peace to you.

Lena said...

I will just ditto what Kathy said!

Good Night!

Jamie said...

Good heavens, Cheryl. Here is to a better tomorrow! Hugs. :)

happyone said...

Here is the start of a new day and hoping that it brings you good news, peace and smiles.

Cheryl said...

I'm all for new days and hopefully, good news. I have a good attitude. And a job I love that keeps me really preoccupied. That said, it's off to work I go. Thanks for all your good thoughts, friends.

SOUL said...

i'm so sorry to hear of all the medical issues with your dad - and your mom. i know it's tough. you are a wonderful daughter - mom - and person though-- and i hope you know that. your 'attitude' is what pulls you through these times - and i am happy that you are the person that you are who can smile through the WHAAA times. -- that seems to be the word of the day around here alot too-- as you know. it's really not as bad as it seems though-- and i am happy to have you in my life - to remind me of that. i do hope today is a calm and better day for you - and your family !
hang in there baby!!
big texas hugs girl ! xo

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