10 January 2011

Just under the wire

Oh so tired but I have to write a quick post because I don't want to break my streak.

It was such a long day. I got to my parent's at 9:30. My brother, sister and I left with my mom for the hospital at 10:30. We were parked and signed in at 11:30. We left at 6:30. My mom was there to have an angiogram of her brain for a suspected aneurysm that was detected on a MRA after a bad fall. It took much longer than the hour we thought it would take, and I was worried. You never know when a day is going to be your last one. It just took them a while to get started. We found out she did fine. She had to lay still for 4 hours afterward. We all had laptops, but we mostly talked. The neurosurgeons talked to us when the 4 hours were almost up. She does have an aneurysm in a very difficult spot to access. She does have blockages in her carotid arteries. The bottom line is that if she lives for another 10 years, she has a 0.8% risk factor of having the aneurysm burst. If she has surgery, there's a much greater risk factor of something happening now. So, we're not going to do anything. The neurosurgeons think that she's had the aneurysm for many years. I hope that my mom is able to live with this condition for a long, long time.

I stopped by my friend Kit's on my way home. Originally I'd thought we'd be home from the procedure much earlier, and Kit had invited two old school friends of ours over for dinner. I decided that as tired as I was, I'd stop by. They had just sat down to dinner and spread before me was grilled salmon, twice-baked potatoes and baked carrots. A real dinner not made by me with friends I was so glad to see. It wasn't till after we ate and talked that I pulled out my phone. I had so many missed calls and texts and I saw the phone was on mute. Rob called me while I was holding the phone to tell me that Emily had called him, very worried about me. She had called 4 times and texted. I called her right away and she told me I was dead to her. In her mind, I had died. Oh, I was SO sorry to cause her that worry. My mother had called, as had my sister and sister-in-law. Emily had called them all. Bad me. I told Emily how sorry I was and how distraught I'd have been had the situation been reversed.

OK...way past my bedtime. I'm one drained puppy after this day. TTY tomorrow.


Josie Two Shoes said...

What a long, exhausting, stressful day to go thru, culminating with the missed calls from your daughter causing her distress. I can imagine how wiped out you are. I'm hoping you will be able to get some good sleep tonight. The news about your mom, while not ideal, is certainly better than what it could be. Brain surgery is so invasive for someone up in years, and would be such a hard ordeal for her, I think you are wise in letting life take its course and praying that she will be with you for many years get to come! <<>>

Jamie said...

Yes, you have had an emotionally draining day, and those are way worse than physical tiredness..

I hope this day is calmer. Poor Emily, I have been in her shoes, and in yours, too. The whole situation sucks. I'm sure she was so happy to hear that you are okay that she forgives you, :)

Your poor Mom. It is so hard to watch them struggle and deteriorate, and she is such a kind, independant woman. You are the best daughter Cheryl. Big hugs to all of you.

KathyA said...

Glad everyone is unscathed. Good, too, that the doctors are being conservative about this. Emily is a pip!

Lena said...

I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers. What a very long day for all of you.

Oh I hate when someone I am calling does not pick up. But think years back, not too long ago. Before answering machines and cell phones, we could survive when we didn't hear back instantly. It is a changed world now. I could feel my heart pounding just reading your post and thinking about the people on the other end of the missed calls.

Did you all decide to tell your mom about her condition?

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