21 January 2011

Good stuff!

It was such a good/non-stressful day. I just worked. I hardly spoke on the phone. Work was busy and easy. My father is in transit to the rehab center. My mother will go to the same one on Sunday. Good news all-around.

I'll keep this short because I have some blog-reading to catch up on. I want to see how things are in your world. Hopefully good. Good is best.

Happy start of the weekend to most of you! Mine will start tomorrow afternoon. I can almost taste that latte now. Good stuff!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Sometimes work can be a much needed break from everything else going on in life. Sounds like this day was just that for you. I'm so glad your parents will be joining each other at the rehab facility. Much nicer for all of you! Enjoy your weekend, may it be a peaceful, easy one!

Lena said...

Nothing like a normal day after a crazy one!

Love that your parents will be at the same place! Good for them and good for all of you!

Have a great weekend!

happyone said...

Glad your day went smoothly for a change. Good news about your parents both being able to be in the same place!!

KathyA said...

Good -- finally a day w/o crap!

KathyA said...

Good! FINALLY!!!

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