22 January 2011

Please take a seat

I'll give mobile blogging a shot. It took forever to find a seat at Borders. I had to share a table with chatty teens. They were very friendly but too loud. I went as far as to ask a couple using two tables if they needed both. They said they did. That was awkward. Emily would have died of embarrassment had she been with me. I put on earbuds and music to block the girls' chatter. Finally a table opened up and I went for it. In just a minute a girl asked if she could share my table. Was it wrong to tell her I had waited a long time for a table of my own? I pointed to the table I came from and told her the girls there were very nice. They were. She's sitting with them. Then a man came to my table and pointed to the empty chair. I think he's asking if I need it. I shake my head no. He goes away. I realize he was asking to sit there. Doesn't everyone realize I need my Borders time my way? Can someone take the empty chair away before someone sits in it? Please?


Leann said...

That's when you move the chair to another table, or spread so much stuff on the table no one would dare to ask....hehehehehehehe

KathyA said...

Leann has the right idea. I think I'd change coffee spots...

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