06 January 2011

My new perch

One good thing about keeping up with blogging is that the blogs I follow and comment on don't overwhelm me. If I don't blog for a while, then check Reader and see there's 147 unread blog posts, I feel guilty writing and not reading. It's so nice to only see a dozen or so at a time waiting for me. One more incentive to keep up.

Rob finished his last night of training at 4:30 AM and drove to my house and went right to sleep. He said it was a hard ride because he was very tired. I guess he'll sleep till about noon. I'm not sure how much noise I can make. I do have my loud fan on in the bedroom, which is good, because I'd really like to vacuum. I undecorated after Christmas but didn't vacuum and I see artificial tree 'needles' all over the living room from where I sit. We're going to Columbia Mall today. I need to exchange a few things at the L.L.Bean store and Macy's. I need to get my car emissions inspection done. Maybe we'll go to the movies. Maybe eat at Pei Wei. Maybe not all of that...there's probably not time. It's nice and bright out, and it will be fun to just hang out.

I've kept my laptop on the dining room table instead of the coffee table in the family room for a few days now. I really like it here. For one thing, it kind of expands my use of the house. I never use the dining room or see my living room. I have a large bay window in the dining room and the sunlight streams in. With the blinds open, I see trees. When I look to my right through the living room, I see the cul-de-sac. In the summer I'd see flowers in my garden too.

Another good thing about the laptop being here and not in the family room is that I'm not constantly on it. Out of sight, out of mind.

I just got off the phone with my mom. She's having an angiogram of her brain on Monday. She's very nervous. She had a MRA (like a MRI but it images the arteries?) after her very bad fall and they thought they saw an aneurysm. The only way to tell for sure is with an angiogram. My brother and sister and I will go with her. We're all nervous. I met with the neurosurgeon, and liked him immensely. The procedure is a low-risk one, but not without risk. If my mom has an aneurysm, the team will decide the next course of action, but nothing else will be done on Monday.

I left a message with my doctor yesterday and didn't get a call back. My sister Ilene, who is married to a doctor, said it would be unusual for a doctor to call back about a cold, but that support staff should have called me. I'll be looking for a new doctor.

If I don't get off this computer and change rooms, I'll never get anything done! And I don't really want to vacuum. If I change rooms, I won't have to see the needles.


happyone said...

Hope you and Rob have a fun day together.
I'll say a prayer for your mom!!

Leann said...

Enjoy time with your beau and I will be sending positive energy your Mom's way. Thanks for stopping by and reading my nonesense :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

I know it must brighten your morning just to have Rob there in the house with you. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon together once he's up and running.

Will be praying for your mom and you, I know it's hard not to be anxious about something like that. Being the adult child of an aging parent isn't much fun somedays.

Jamie said...

I love your place, it looks like you and I can imagine how still, how calm, how quiet it is. I can actually see that in the pics. I know...I make no sense, but I know what I am saying. teehee.

Hope your day with R was awesome. :)

KathyA said...

1. I love your new perch. You've got so much light there and so much more to look at!

2. Don't be anxious -- think good thoughts -- and I'll be sending prayers your way.

3. I love my doctor. Let me know if you want her name.

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