12 January 2011

Me, again. How creative!

I've been sitting in my cold dining room for hours, catching up on blogs. Not sure why I didn't take the time to bring the heater in...I could be warm and comfy instead of freezing. That said, I just got it and now I'm warm.

Work was busy, busy. I'm so glad for my job. It's a rare day that it's stressful. It's engrossing. It's fulfilling. Today was a bit rushed. I did Kathy's stinky hair today, and wound up running way behind. The stinky part is a story: Kathy has wonderful hair! We have a conditioner that she loves. I think it stinks! I asked the assistant to add a little shampoo when rinsing it off because of the smell. It didn't help. So I told Kathy how I felt. I told her I needed those things you put on your nose when swimming to keep the water out. So I wouldn't have to smell it. Ah, the things you can say to a friend. She said, it really does smell different and strong this time. We added some Moroccanoil to her hair, thinking that would camouflage the smell, but it didn't. She suggested washing it, but I was running too late to take the time. When I finished cutting her hair I said, we have to wash it. Despite the washing, it still smelled. But it looked good. Kathy was very kind to blow dry her own hair since I was running so late. Thank you Kathy! My last client's husband had just died and she was there to have her hair done for the viewing. She has Alzheimer's and her sister brought her in. So sad. Her husband was her caretaker and he died suddenly of a heart attack.

My father is still in the hospital. I guess it's a good thing there's so many hospitals around here. If not, they'd need his bed for someone else. So far they've ordered PT to work on his strength. I'm really surprised he's still in. I'm thinking they're going to keep him for a few days and then maybe send him to rehab. Of course, they could send him home tomorrow. We'll see. I'm glad he's there now. He's being taken care of. My mom's aide was with her today and my brother is spending the night. Tomorrow will be my day to go to the hospital. And enough about that. I don't want this blog to be all about hospitals.

Emily got this very cool LCD writing tablet from Brookstone for Christmas, a Boogie Board. You write with a stylus, and erase by pushing the white circle on top. I'm a doodler, and here's what I did while I was on the phone. I like this toy!

My plan for tonight was to eat my Chinese food, read blogs, write my own, watch TV and then read. I ate some of my food, read blogs and wrote this rambling one. Though tired, I really wanted to do the rest. Too late now. G'night.


happyone said...

Your new toy reminds me of the old etch a sketch!
I'll be calling today to make an appointment. I've been meaning to call for the past week!!

Mary said...

I came by, read, and said a little prayer for your family. Glad you've missed most of the snow. Temps here haven't been above freezing all week.

Cheryl said...

My toy (Emily's) is just like those old tablets that you'd write on, then lift the plastic to erase. It's actually a good stress reliever. I just looked over and see that without realizing it, I'd covered it in scribbles while talking to my father on the phone.

KathyA said...

I'm really glad you explained that my hair was not stinky when I got there, but got 'stinked' there! You know, I'm wondering if that conditioner had gone rancid? Does that ever happen? Do you know that when I woke up this morning I could still smell it? So I washed my hair, yet again. It's better, now.

I don't mind blow drying it -- I knew you were busy...so sad about your last client.

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