07 January 2011

Hello Friday

I wrote this on Thursday night so it would be ready for Friday. I'm ahead of the game for a change!

Rob is asleep on the couch, so I'm taking advantage of the time. I watched some TV. I channel-surfed and wound up watching Sarah Palin's Alaska. It was...interesting. I thought I should do something more productive with my time, so here I am back in the dining room.

Rob and I left the house around 1:30. We went for my emission control test and I failed! The good news is that they diagnosed the problem. My car is due for service, so I'll get it taken care of and take the test again. We went to the mall next. It was return and exchange day. I returned two tops at L.L.Bean and bought a black polartec vest and a black polartec jacket. I exchanged a Vera Bradley gift for something different. I returned a top at Macy's. My lovely new scarf that I mentioned the other day had a snag in it and I was afraid it would turn into a hole. I took it to Lord and Taylor's but they didn't have a replacement, and I didn't want another. They asked if I had 10 minutes for their seamstress to fix it. Yes!! Perfect again. I'm not sure if I snagged it on something or if it came that way, but I plan to be very careful with it in the future. We spent time at the Apple store. Rob was 'drooling' over the computers. Who wouldn't want a Mac? I want a Mac! Badly. We left the mall for home and just as we were approaching the turn-off, made the decision to go to Pei Wei for our dinner instead of home cooking. Our food arrived just as Happyone and her husband walked in. What a great surprise. Karen read that I was thinking about the restaurant from reading my blog, but she hadn't mentioned it to Ken. It was all his idea. We had a great time eating and talking. I had the same dish for the 4th time in a row. Yes, I love it. I was contemplating something different, but when I asked the cashier for her opinion she told me my favorite was coming off the menu and if I loved it I should order it, so of course I did. I put half of it in a to-go box before I started eating. Yummy lunch in store for tomorrow.

We came home and got in pajamas. Rob had his time of the computer while I finally vacuumed. When I was done checking my mail I saw that he was sleeping. This night job is going to take some getting used to.

It's Friday and I'm almost ready for work. I prepared dinner and it's all ready to go in the oven before I get home. I didn't feel like doing it this morning, but I'm glad I did.

I'll leave you with a picture from the Apple store yesterday. Happy Friday!


happyone said...

So nice bumping into the two of you yesterday and eating dinner together. :-)
You know I just love my iMac!!
Have a great day.

SOUL said...

sounds like things are rollin right along in your world. :)) hope so anyhow.
pei wei is my daughters' favorite place to go -- aside from chik-fil-a , and a few others. for me it gets a little loud at times, but the food is yummy -- you need to try the hot-n- sour soup, if ya haven't yet.
anyhow-- happy friday girlie!

Leann said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Thursday. Good for you! What a nice surprise running into friends. Just makes it extra special.

I went shopping today to pick up things to dress up the ole' work uniforms. They are in such ugly colors it is difficult to find things to match. Did get some new jewelry tho :-)

Enjoy your Friday and weekend to come.


Lena said...

Yes, sounds like his new schedule will take some getting used to!

I don't think we have pei wei around here. Sounds good!

How cool Happyone came in for dinner, too!

You sure are writing up a storm. Love it!!

KathyA said...

You've been busy! How great is it that the seamstress could fix your scarf.

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