15 January 2011

Hello, goodbye

It's late on a Saturday night. I'm in the middle of a blog post, but see it won't get published in time to meet my once-a-day goal. So, I'm putting out this little filler post. I have a thing or two to say. You'll see it tomorrow, which at this point is in about 10 minutes. Goodbye Saturday, hello Sunday.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I love it! I'm working hard to make time for a little blogging each day too Cheryl, be it writing or commenting, and hopefully both. It's hard to find a bit of quiet time for it, but I so love being back in the routing of writing therapy... it makes me feel good! I love keeping up with what's happening in your life too, especially with so much going on.

Cheryl said...

Thanks JTS. I'm also so glad to be back in the routine of writing therapy. And so glad to have you back.

KathyA said...

Hi Cheryl! I was a real slug yesterday!! Stiff from all my activity on Friday. Going outside today, though, even if it's just to the gym!

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