03 January 2011

A last day, well spent

I just ordered 2 new iPhone cases from defaultcase.com. I like having more than one case and the company is promoting cases for iPhone models for 1 penny plus shipping. I figured it was worth a try. I ordered silver and orange. I've always liked having cases with some color to make it easy to find my phone. Much to my surprise, I've really enjoyed the black case (I didn't have a color choice) I chose when Apple was giving out free ones to fix the antenna problem (that I didn't have, btw).

Here I am again. Can you believe it? Another day of blogging. Here's one of the places I was at today. Can you guess what it's a picture of?

I went to a Chinese buffet on Sunday with Rob and my mom. My mother's hair looked terrible! First of all, she had to go to The Hair Cuttery for her last haircut because her hairdresser daughter was too busy to cut her own mother's hair. Then, she had to go out in public with an inch of white roots because of same said daughter. Me. She left a message on my phone the other day asking if I could recommend a hairdresser. Funny, Mom. Today, on my last day off, I drove to my salon to pick up her hair color, then drove to her house to color it for her. I'm going to try to be a much better hairstylist daughter to her in the future. She has an appointment at my salon tomorrow to have a facial and a massage. I'll be truthful...part, but only part, of the reason I did her color today was so she wouldn't walk into my salon with such bad hair. It was the least I could do. While I was at the house I fixed her bedroom TV and installed a lamp on her headboard. One of Mom's favorite things to do is lay in bed and listen to music on her TV, and the TV hasn't worked for weeks. I love technology but have no aptitude for fixing things. I called Direct TV. In about a minute, using their automated help, I found that the TV wasn't set on channel 3. That's all it took to fix it after all this time. I asked my mom if she was reading a good book. She said no, that she didn't have a light by her bed. No one thought when we took away the nightstand she kept falling into that we were taking away the light she used to read by. Now she has a lamp and can read. Think of all the things we take for granted in life. All the little things. I feel so bad for my mom. The stroke she had 10 years ago devastated her life. I'm going to try so much harder this year to make it better. My sister Lisa is the one that's always there. She lives so close. I'm going to try to be more of a help too.

So the picture. I took it when I went through the car wash! There's a new fancy Auto Spa nearby and being me, I whipped out the camera phone. I have a new app, Pro HDR, that takes two pictures of an image and aligns them into one. It's better than the free HDR that comes with the phone. I don't sit in Borders and read iPhone magazines for nothing. The app is pretty nifty. So is the car wash. They serve cappuccino, not that I had any, but I love the concept! Sometimes it is the thought that counts.


Jules said...

I LOVE this blogging bent you are on! It reminds me of your beginnings. I love your stories. Your life is so busy, but you seem to do it so well. I am envious sometimes. (more often than not)

Happy Monday Night to you!! Are you watchinhg the new Bachelor tonight??

Cheryl said...

I've never seen the Bachelor. Is it good? I'm too busy reading blogs. If I'm gonna be blogging, I'm gonna be reading too. I want more time in my day!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Great post! I assure you that the little things you do for your Mom are so very appreciated. It isn't the big things, it's the "I do this because I love you things" - like the bed light, that mean everything. Your Mom is blessed to have you!

Jamie said...

I would never have figured that pic out. And I love that you are such a techie. I felt entirely LUCKY to be able to figure out the set up of my kindle all by myself. YOU certainly would be handy to have around.

You are a great daughter.

Big hugs, girl. :)

KathyA said...

How honest you are to confess your motives in your mom's hair coloring! Good for you, but I still think you are too hard on yourself. Yes, your mom needs some help, and yes, you are a good person to provide it, but some of that responsibility for her happiness lay on your dear mom as well. Cut yourself a break.
And see, I've always thought of you as a techie!!! You're so good at that kind of thing!!

Mary said...

Glad that you're blogging more often. I miss reading your "take" on life. I wish I could have the upbeat outlook that you have.

Cindy said...

Great post, girl. I love the story about your mom, sometimes we forget to use common sense when we 'help' them. The nurse in me would have seen the practicality in moving the nightstand taking away her light. But if it is MY MOM that nursing logic slips right out the window. SIGH. One good reason why they don't let family care for family. We just don't think and act the same way.

happyone said...

I think you are a wonderful daughter. You are way to hard on yourself.
I'm too am glad to see you posting more. I've missed reading about your days.

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