08 January 2011

Zoom, zoom

I started this by writing, Keeping up with the ... I put my last name in. Then I decided to Google my first and last name and Maryland and came up with too much information. So, I deleted it. Speaking of names, did you know that the Social Security Admin. website is the authoritative go-to place for baby names? It makes sense. It's very much visited by expectant parents. I learned this obscure fact from a client who works there.

I just finished making and eating dinner. I took this before picture of the shrimp but apparently forgot to save the after picture. The after picture was more appealing. You'll have to use your imagination.

Here's how I make my shrimp. I buy frozen, raw, easy-peel shrimp. I don't buy anything smaller than the 21-26 size. I always have some in my freezer. I thaw the shrimp in water, then peel and dry them. I drizzle some olive oil in a bowl with lots of Spice Island garlic powder, add the shrimp, and let it sit for a bit. I heat a pan till hot, add the shrimp and cook till it's crispy on both sides. It's delicious every time and oh-so-easy to make. We had it with fresh broccoli and Birds Eye Steam Fresh lightly sauced red potatoes. The potatoes weren't great, but edible. So far I've had 2 chocolates for dessert. The night is young and there's more dessert in the house.

Work was fast and furious today. That's the way it is most days, and the way I like it. I went to Borders after work. The very expensive Christmas cards I had my eye on all season were finally marked 75% off. I bought others last week at 50%. I have lots of cards now and I'll be sending them out next year. (If I have your address, you'll be on my list. If you're not and would like to be, send me a e-mail with your addy. I can be trusted with it.) I got my latte to go. I got gas for the car. I went grocery shopping. I came home and had another cup of coffee. I made dinner. And here I am, writing while Rob is watching football. I don't do sports. Do I sound a little caffeinated?

Well, it's 7:00 on a Saturday night and I think it's time for pajamas. I'll catch up on blog reading after that. The game should be over by the time I'm done, then it's TV movie time. That might not sound exciting to most, but it's just fine with me.


ilene said...

You should try sprinkling Old Bay on those shrimp instead of/in addition to garlic powder

Cheryl said...

Why didn't I think of that before? Next time!

Jamie said...

Yep....Old Bay is the best. And yes, you DO sound caffinated. I wish it affected me that way, well I guess it does, as I cannot function without it each day. :)

I hope this weekend is wonderful for you. :)

Mary said...

The shrimp looks wonderful. I'll have to try your method. Movie nights together are the best! Jammies, a light snack, hand holding . . yeah, the best.

KathyA said...

Actually, you DO sound a little 'caffeinated'. I was out of breath there for a minute!

The shrimp looks good -- "The potatoes are edible"?? Not exactly a resounding endorsement!

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